Cross Over Grips

Holds thumb and index finger securely and efficiently in a tripod writing position-preventing them from crossing over. Extra Comfy!

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Claw Grips

Thumb, pointer, and middle fingers fit comfortably inside the custom “cups” that firmly grips writing tools (please note the thumb cup is larger than the two finger cups).


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Practical ways to help improve my child’s pencil grasp

One of the first things Occupational Therapists look at when they see someone writing is their pencil grasp. This becomes automatic and we frequently find ourselves assessing the pencil grasp of the lady behind the counter in the bank or the person taking our order at a restaurant. The reason that this become so engrained in the minds of Occupational Therapists is that when we see a child for handwriting difficulties one of the first things we need to look at is how they are holding their pencil and how this is affecting their writing. There are many different ways that we hold our pencils, some of these work well for us and others impact significantly on the legibility and pace of our writing or the amount of writing we can do before it becomes painful. The most common pencil grasps are the Tripod and Quadropod grasp (See Below). Until […]

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Pinch Grip

The Pinch Grip balances structure with freedom.

Enhances comfort and control!

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Gorilla Gym Deluxe Indoor Playground

The Gorilla Gym Kids Package is a great way to encourage your children to maintain an active lifestyle. It also provides moms and dads with fun indoor activities to keep little ones busy. Although most folks purchase Gorilla Gym Kids for their children, swinging is also a fun activity for adults.

Plus, an hour on the swing can burn up to 200 calories!

That’s more than half the calories you would burn in an hour of swimming laps, jogging, or biking!


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Jumbo Tweezers

These colorful tweezers are just the right size for little hands. Each features ergonomic depressions to guide a proper pincer–grasp grip.

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