Lyra Groove Slim Pencil

Offset slide guards for thumb, index and middle fingers to support an optimal writing hold even after sharpening.

For left and right-handers. With name field.

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Left Handed Scissors

These scissors have a blunt tip, brushed stainless steel blades and ergonomically designed flexible grips for hours of comfortable use by small hands. Features of these left handed Maped® kid’s scissors include: True Left-handed Design* – these 5″ lightweight scissors are manufactured with the blades reversed from right-handed scissors for true left-handed use. Stainless Steel Blades – made from brushed stainless steel with blunt tips are sharp for easy cutting of all materials commonly used in school construction projects. Ergonomically designed handles – the Maped® Sensoft 3D®  handles have contoured thumb and finger grips molded from completely flexible plastic in three colour patterns. They fit young hands very well with a non-slip grip that makes these scissors a pleasure to use hour after hour. Your Choice of Colours –  these children’s scissors come in three colour patterns: turquoise blue/gray, blue/rose and orange/red. Unfortunately, we can’t order them individually – they […]

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Triangular Pencil Grip

This traditional three sided design is one of the oldest and most well known grip styles.

These items are high quality comfortable grips at an affordable price.


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