Jumbo Tweezers


These colorful tweezers are just the right size for little hands. Each features ergonomic depressions to guide a proper pincer–grasp grip.


A perfect skill–building resource for teachers, specialists and occupational therapists.

These colourful tweezers are just the right size for little hands.

Learning Style: Tactile

Skill Development: 

Sensory– Great for students who are hypersensitive to textures; they can participate in tactile play using tweezers to hold and move objects.

Fine Motor- Helps develop the pincer grasp and fine motor skills needed for daily living (buttoning, zipping, holding a toothbrush, and picking up finger foods).

Fine Motor- While students concentrate on using these tweezers, they are unaware of the inner circuitry going on. By working on grasping, picking up, and releasing with the tweezers, they are developing eye-hand coordination (visual motor integration). As this skill advances, students become more proficient with tasks like handwriting, drawing, and forming numbers.Jumbo 6” tweezers with built-in thumb and finger grips that naturally facilitate a proper grasp and open web space.

These sturdy, hard plastic tweezers come in assorted, beautifully-bright colours!

These therapy tongs can be used with preschoolers to adults.


Tweezers measure 6”L



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