Working on a Vertical Surface

Working on a Vertical Surface


Working on a vertical surface has many benefits for your child. Encourage your child to draw/paint/write on a vertical surface whenever you can. Make it fun by ensuring the child enjoys and is motivated by the activity, i.e. colouring their favourite character, completing a word search or spot the difference, writing in foam. Here are some of the therapeutic benefits to working on a vertical surface:

-stabilisation and strengthening of the shoulder joint.

-supporting wrist extension.

-carefully consider the picture or task to also incorporate midline crossing, which engages both side of the brain in the task, i.e. the child has to join the pink dot on the left hand side of page to the pink dot on the right hand side, drawing a rainbow or sliding magnets from one side of the magnet board to another.

-have the child stabilise the page with one hand while colouring/writing with the other to support bilateral coordination.

-have the child engage in the activity in high kneeling and this will also support core strengthening.

Give it a try and we hope you and your child have fun.