Why Does Sensational Kids Fundraise?



Why does Sensational Kids fundraise?

Sensational Kids has to fundraise the bridge the gap between the costs to run our organisation and the earned income (from the shop, subsidised therapy fees and training workshops)


What does Sensational Kids fundraise for?

Sensational Kids fundraises to provide vital therapeutic supports for children and adolescents with additional needs at a subsidised rate. These therapeutic supports include:

  1. Occupational Therapy Assessments and Intervention
  2. Speech & Language Therapy Assessments and Intervention
  3. Educational Psychological Assessments
  4. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
  5. Play Therapy


How much does Sensational kids have to fundraise each year?

Sensational Kids has to fundraise €1 million per annum to cover the costs of running our four child development centres which support 300+ children and adolescents with additional needs every week. This amount is in addition to earned income from subsidised therapy fees.  The costs that have to be fundraised for include rent, light & heat, admin and management salaries, insurance, staff training & cpd, printing and postage, phones, broadband, audit and IT costs. These are all necessary costs be able to provide our subsidised therapeutic services.


How are therapy services subsidised at Sensational Kids?

Income earned from our subsidised therapy services typically only covers the therapy role salaries, leaving us with the other €1 million per annum costs to be financed by fundraising initiatives.


How can I help Sensational Kids?


To find out more about fundraising at Sensational Kids contact Joy Booth at Sensational Kids, by emailing Joy@sensationalkids.ie or by phone on 083 105 7253