Clinicial Reasoning For Occupational Therapists

We are really looking forward to welcoming back the wonderful Occupational Therapist Tracy Stackhouse from the USA to host this fantastic Workshop in Ireland this week,   The SpIRiT© of Pediatric OT: The SpIRiT (Sensory processing/Integration Reasoning interactive Tool) is a mindful clinical reasoning tool for ensuring best practice in pediatric occupational therapy. The core of the SpIRiT model is derived from the theory and practice of sensory integration, as originated by A. Jean Ayres (now referred to as Ayres’ Sensory Integration, or ASI©). The model is elaborated by current work connecting basic sensory integrative processes to neural plasticity through the mechanism of evincing an adaptive response. In this model, the basic sensory processing is the lowest, bottom up influence over the neural networks that support adaptive functioning. The SpIRiT© model includes a framework for looking at sensory integrative processes with the neural processes that use the sensation for organization […]

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