Summer Routine

Summer holidays mean a change of routine, which can be difficult and even scary for some children.  Creating a summer daily plan is something our therapy team often suggest to help children stay regulated and happy.


Below is an example of a daily plan, created by one of our Paediatric Occupational Therapists.  You can use this or adapt it to suit your own family and child.


Early morning Wake and get ready for the day Story and snuggle in bed, let them make up their own bed, get dressed, pack pyjama’s away.
Breakfast Let children help to set the table, help to make breakfast, help to clear the table. Choose some fun and different things to make for breakfast; pancakes, flap jacks, scones, eggy-men, waffles etc…
Morning walk Go for a walk around the neighbourhood, to the forest or to the beach.
Mid-morning Work time NO ELECTRONICS – play board games (i.e. snakes and ladders), card games, snap, read a story and ask questions, play games with a dice to encourage counting, count things around the house or in the garden, sing along to action songs, learn some nursery rhymes, matching games, spotting books, memory games (visual and auditory – will send ideas). There are lots of ideas on Pinterest.
Creative time Construction games, Duplo, Lego, Magnatiles, drawing with sidewalk chalk, painting, playdough, dress up, make musical instruments, play music, dancing, party games, i.e. musical statues, musical bumps, pin the tail on the donkey, hop scotch, hot or cold, hide and seek etc…
Mid-day Lunch Let them help with setting the table or setting up a picnic, help with preparation of lunch and help to clear up afterwards.
Mid-day Chores Let children help with the following:
Wiping down countertops and tables,
Wiping down door handles
Collecting laundry, hanging up clean washing, sorting laundry (especially socks), packing clothes away
Cleaning pet’s water bowlsBrushing petsSweeping / rakingWatering plantsTidying rooms and playrooms
Early afternoon Quiet time Reading, audiobooks, puzzles, nap, quiet free play.
Outside time Bike riding, playing in the garden, swimming, obstacle courses, races, tree climbing, helping with gardening, cleaning leaves out of the pool, etc… Free play outside
Late afternoon Chill time If you allow screen time: Short period 30min – 1h of screen time, i.e. educational kids programme, iPad games, educational Apps etc…
“Go Noodle” is a great online resource for action songs and singalongs.
If no screen time: – any quiet indoor play / stories / baking etc…
Bath time Let children plan what they need for bath time, help to run the bath, play with shaving cream or bath crayons on the tiles, name body parts while you wash them, count fingers and toes as you wash them, let them dress themselves and wipe up the wet floor.
Early evening Dinner time Again – let children help to set the table and clear up afterwards, even help with dishes or stacking the dishwasher, wiping the placemats / table etc..
Chill time Games and stories together – No screen time after 5pm
7:30 Bedtime Whatever your family’s night-time routine is…..
8:00 Mom and Dad Time!!! Congratulations! Do whatever you want! You made it through the day!!!!!