Sensational Kids to Host Therapeutic Listening Workshop

Listening plays a vital role in the sensory integration process. In fact, some believe that the auditory system is the ‘missing link’ in sensory integration modalities.

In this two-day, in-person, international training course, you will learn to use Therapeutic Listening® modulated audio selections to create individualized, home-based programs for clients.

You will also learn how to implement Therapeutic Listening strategies in conjunction with postural, respiratory and sensory activities.

The course will take participants from assessment through treatment outcomes, creating complete Therapeutic Listening programs. Case-study video presentations will be used to illustrate points and show changes in individuals with listening and other sensory processing difficulties including Autism, Cerebral Palsy, apraxia, anxiety, and Down’s Syndrome.

Don’t miss this important professional development workshop presented by Sheila M. Frick, an occupational therapist from the USA who educates therapists in an integrated approach to sensory processing disorder.  Sheila is an esteemed clinician, lecturer, and pioneer in Occupational Therapy. Creator of Therapeutic Listening and taught to 10,000+ therapists worldwide.

Sheila Frick will be in Ireland to present this two day workshop in Kildare Town, Ireland on 28th & 29th March 2019

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