Santa’s Reindeer Hospital

Kildare Town’s Christmas Experience
Santa’s Reindeer Hospital to raise money for Sensational Kids


Visit Santa & Mrs Claus and their Reindeer at The Old Town Courthouse and much more!




The Story so Far…


A mysterious virus has infected Santa’s Reindeer, caused by the harsh effects of climate change, Santa’s Lapland Reindeer are having difficulty in maintaining altitude when flying. This has been a huge cause of concern, Santa has sought the help from the best veterinary experts in the World and reached out to the renowned vets in Kildare because of their excellent reputation and experience with Racehorses. As a result, Santa has opened a Reindeer hospital in Kildare Town to treat the sick reindeer. He is making a scheduled visit to Kildare Town from 14th – 23rd December, 2018 to check in on the reindeer and meet with vets to discuss the issue. Local vets are confident that they have found the source of the problem and are treating the animals in preparation for Christmas.

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