What is Poo?


Very First Questions and Answers is a series aimed at preschool children and with more of a picture book approach.

What is Poo? is the first title in the series that introduces young children to bodily functions, taking the shame away through a very funny lift the flap book!

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Young children love to ask all sorts of embarrassing questions (usually at the wrong times). This lift-the-flap book boldly approaches the topic of poo, answering all those ‘plopping’ questions so many children love to ask.

What is poo? Does everyone do it? And where does it all go?

Children can lift the flaps to find the answers in this surprisingly charming book, and discover how much poo an elephant makes, and what you can do with poo…

There’s even a Who did these poos? quiz. A very informative little book!



Gold Winner – Made for Mums Awards 2017

Silver Winner – Junior Design Awards 2017


Age 3+



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