Maroon Spoon


Increased oral-sensory stimulation to the lips and tongue.

Encourages lip closure and also sensory awareness.


  • Textured Spoon

Adds sensory input on the tongue and lower lip

May encourage acceptance of different textures in food

For people who might have decreased responsiveness to sensory input



  • Coloured Textured Spoon

Textured Spoons combine oral-sensory stimulation with feeding.

The textured bottom provides increased oral-sensory stimulation to the tongue, facilitating a smooth transition to conventional spoon feeding.

The shallow bowl allows for a smaller bolus size. Extended handle allows for hand-over-hand assistance.


FDA compliant, Latex, Lead, BPA, and Phthalates free


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Weight 0.3000 kg
Dimensions 0.0000 cm

Small Textured Magenta Spoon, Coloured Textured Spoon, Small Smooth Magenta Spoon, Smooth Magenta Spoon, Textured Magenta Spoon

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