What Can You See Color Cards


Guess the hidden picture with this visual awareness game that also encourages conversation skills.

This entertaining game can be played by both individuals and groups.

Each of the selection of pictures is viewed through a space in the book’s pages, gradually revealing more and more of the image.

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This allows players to guess what they can see, encouraging communication and vocabulary building.

There are two viewing books, each with different panels, and 30 large-format (A4) cards, using ColorCards clear photographic style.

The images form two categories: Objects & Animals and People & Places.

The game can easily be personalised by using A4 printed pictures and photographs familiar to the players which can help to make the session more engaging and allows for endless variety.

This easy to play game encourages and develop  the following skills:

  • attention and concentration;
  • turn-taking;
  • logical thought;
  • visual perception;
  • predicting;
  • problem solving;
  • vocabulary
  • word-finding;
  • expressive language.

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