Weighted Vest


Our Weighted Deep Pressure Vest can be used as a Depp Pressure Vest, a Weighted Vest or both.



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A weighted vest is a useful tool to have in aiding regulation.

When a  child is seeking movement one way to help them feel grounded and organised  is by using a weight vest to provide proprioceptive input. Weighted vest can be seen as a big hug for the child as adding the extra pressure can help them feel calm and slow down to engage.

For example using a weighted vest while the child sits on a move and sit cushion would provide a movement seeking child with the appropriate balance of proprioceptive and vestibular input.

Weighted vest should only be used for table top activities or when the child is required to sit and focus.

  • Easy to put on.
  • Made from Soft Neoprene, Mesh and Velcro
  • Applies compression and Deep Pressure
  • Helps promote Calmness

Weight: 4lbs

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Small (2-4 years old), Medium  (5-9 years old), 4 Lbs

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