The Print Tool Evaluation and Remediation Package


New Updates to The Print Tool

Over the past 10 years, thousands of educators and therapists have used The Print Tool to assess and remediate handwriting.

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We are thrilled to announce new updates that make the tool easier than ever!

  • Simplified scoring
    By simplifying the scoring process for spacing, and streamlining the components to assess printing, the assessments will be quicker and results will be easier to measure.
  • Easier Remediation
    Simply check what is needed on the new, easy-to-use remediation from. It also features new remediation tools and tech products to engage children and add another multi-sensory element to remediation suggestions.
  • Works internationally
    The Print Tool can now be used with any printing program in the world!


  • The Print Tool Guide Book
  • Measuring Tool
  • 3 Sets of Student Sample Worksheets (30)
  • Evaluation Score-sheets (10)
  • Handwriting Remediation Plan Forms (10)

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