Taking Charge of ADHD


The leading parent resource about attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and its treatment has now been revised and updated with the latest information and resources.

Prominent authority Russell A. Barkley compassionately guides you to:

  • *Understand why kids with ADHD act the way they do.
  • *Get an accurate diagnosis.
  • *Work with school and health care professionals to find needed support.
  • *Implement a proven eight-step behavior management plan.
  • *Build your child’s academic and social skills.
  • *Restore harmony at home.

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New to the fourth edition are a chapter on health risks associated with ADHD, the latest information on the causes of the disorder, current facts on medications, a new discussion of sibling issues, advice for parents who might have ADHD themselves, downloadable practical tools, and much more.   

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