Tactile Bingo


The educational game tactile bingo helps children learn to recognize and name shapes in a fun way!

This hands-on, visual game, helps children to name the various shapes and to increase their vocabulary.


The objective of the game is to place the solid wooden shapes on the right place with corresponding picture on the assignment card. The figures can also be placed in the cotton included bag to identify them by touch.

Tactile bingo can also be played in a group setting to develop the skills of playing together and collaboration.

When playing together, each child takes an assignment card. Children take turns taking a wooden shape from the cotton bag. If the figure is listed on the child’s assignment card, it can be kept. Whoever completes their assignment card first, wins!


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Tactile bingo is suitable for children aged 3-7 years.


  • 24 wooden shapes
  • 4 bingo cards
  • 1 cotton bag
  • An instruction manual
  • magnetic storage box (31 x 23 x 6cm)

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