Jumbo NeeDoh Ripples


A ripply, swirly, wavy, wurly, curvy, curly supersized squishy toy!

Jumbo NeeDoh Ripples is a spectacular sensory ball that comes in two mesmerising patterns and textures, Groove Centric and Wave Crave.

This fabulous squishy fidget toy is seriously satisfying to squeeze and great for on-the-go fun!

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Available in four eye-catching shades, including pink, purple, green and orange (colour is chosen at random and may vary).

Nee Doh can also be a brilliant mindfulness activity and helps to boost kids’ concentration, focus and listening skills.


Made from a non-toxic, dough-like material.

3+ years.

Price per unit



Please note that this product can be damaged or burst by over stretching, biting, chewing, being too rough or putting it in contact with sharp objects . 

As with all of our stretchy toys, only pull and stretch your toy in a reasonable way- suitable for light fidgeting only.

Breakage in this way will not be covered by our replacement warranty. Please consider this if purchasing for your child.

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