Hope Senses – Exploration Bag

Introducing the ultimate sensory experience in one compact package – the Hope Senses, a sensory exploration bag!

Dive into a world of tactile delight and visual stimulation with this curated collection designed to engage and soothe the senses.

Whether you’re seeking relaxation, sensory stimulation, or simply a moment of calm amidst the chaos of everyday life, the Hope Senses Exploration Bag has everything you need to indulge your senses and embark on a journey of discovery.


Contained within this sensory bag are five unique items:

  1. Liquid Timer: Watch as mesmerizing droplets cascade through colorful liquid, creating a calming visual display that captivates the mind and promotes relaxation.
  2. Bumper Fidget Box: Explore a variety of tactile textures and shapes with this innovative fidget box, perfect for keeping restless hands occupied and promoting focus and concentration.
  3. Fluffy Putty: Squeeze, stretch, and shape this soft and pliable putty to your heart’s content. Its fluffy texture provides a satisfying sensory experience, ideal for relieving stress and anxiety.
  4. Slime Foil Bag: Dive into a world of squishy, stretchy fun with our delightfully gooey slime. Stretch it, pull it, and mold it to unleash your creativity and engage your senses in playful exploration.
  5. Gelli Foil Bag: Delve into a tactile adventure with our gelli foil bag, filled with squishy, shimmering gel beads that provide a unique sensory experience unlike any other.
  6. Colour Changing Egg: Watch in amazement as the Colour-Changing Egg transitions through a spectrum of vibrant hues with a simple touch, adding an extra element of visual stimulation.
  7. Sensory Beads Mat: The vibrant colours and dynamic patterns of the beads create a visually captivating scene, igniting the imagination and enhancing visual perception.


But that’s not all!

Alongside these sensory treasures, you’ll also find a handy card featuring detailed information and instructions for each item, ensuring you get the most out of your sensory exploration.

And for those feeling extra creative, we’ve included a bonus bag with fabric paint, allowing you to personalize and decorate your sensory bag to reflect your own unique style and personality.


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