Bumper Fidget Box


This Bumper Fidget Toy Box Set is packed with fidget toys for totally addictive fun! With 24 fidget toys to play with, this set is sure to keep fidgety hands busy. It’s also a huge time saver for anyone who needs a stash of toys for a party or event.

Hours of fidgeting! So satisfying!
This Bumper Fidget Toy Box Set is made for satisfying play.


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Hear the push popper and peapod pop!

Push poppers pop just like reusable bubble wrap – so you can fidget and pop again and again.

Run the sticky crawlers, stretch ropes and bendy fidget tubes through your hands for tactile fun, twist the puzzle cube and spin the finger spinners and the spinning top for hands on sensory fun.


  • Sensory play
    Fidgeting with tactile sensory toys can help release restless energy.

Fidget toys are self-regulation tools to help with focus, attention, calming and active listening (and they are so much fun!)

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