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With 13 instrumental versions of familiar children’s songs, Grape Jamz invites body movement, supports basic timing and promotes postural organisation.

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It provides simple, strong rhythms coupled with a strong bass line – the right combination for core activation and toe-tapping!

13 songs:

  1. If You’re Happy And You Know It
  2. Yankee Doodle Funk
  3. Michael Finnegan
  4. Mulberry Bush
  5. I’m A Little Teapot
  6. For He’s A Jolly Good Fellow
  7. Johnny Comes Marching Home
  8. Boom Boom
  9. This Old Man
  10. You Are My Sunshine
  11. Sing A Song of Sixpence
  12. Muffin Man
  13. Aiken Drum

Total Playing Time: 47:03

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