Blowing Duration Tubes


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Duration is a necessary component of muscle control, as it allows us to continue to vocalize or verbalize on a single exhalation.  

By lengthening the tube and switching from the fuzzy to the plastic ball you can make the activity or exercise more difficult as well as fun, as the child or adult  gains proficiency.   Each tube can be extended to more than 3 times their initial length of 8 inches. 

Each tube can be connected to each other and extended until the desired duration is reached!

The Duration Tubes, used as described in the enclosed Instructions/Suggestions, can assist you in the task of developing and increasing your child’s duration of oral airflow.

This kit includes:

  •  –  Instructions and Suggestions by Talk Tools for using the tubes to teach duration 
  • –  3 Blowing Duration tubes
  • –  3 mouthpieces
  • –  3  fuzzy  balls
  • –  3 plastic balls

Adult Supervision Required To Implement This Program.

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