Blowing Ball Game


Wooden Floating Ball Train approaching!  The large chimney keeps the light Styrofoam ball floating. The small wooden pipe conveys the air through the chimney to the ball which floats in the air as if by magic.

It is important that you do not blow too strong nor too weak.  Blow through the wooden pipe and see how long you can float the ball, fun for all ages!

Especially for young children this floating ball toy is a great learning object, ideal for promoting respiratory exercise as well as focus.



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This charming wooden train serves as an excellent oral tool, highly endorsed by both Speech Therapists and Occupational Therapists.

Children will find joy in this train as they engage in extended practice sessions to master the skill of keeping the small ball afloat.

The interactive element involves learning to control one’s breath, ensuring the ball is not blown too forcefully, leading to its flight and subsequent fall to the ground.


With Practice, the child learns how to blow just the right amount to keep the little ball floating. By maximising lung capacity and strengthening muscles and tongue control, it can help with speech and mouth control.

This is an absolute must for most sensory kits, particularly for those seeing a speech therapist.


Sold individually.
Not suitable for children under three years old due to small parts, keep out of their reach. Please note, random colour will be sent.

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