Nuk Massage Brush


The Nuk Massage Brush is a safe, latex free tool for oral motor awareness, stimulation and desensitisation.

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The soft nubby brush can be used inside or around the mouth to ease oral defensiveness in children with autism and sensory issues who struggle with the feel of textures or objects in their mouths.

Perfect shape and size for little mouths
Nubby textured surface promotes better eating in kids.

Can be used as a baby spoon, teether, and introductory tooth brush

The flexible, nubby texture offers valuable sensory input for the child’s mouth.

Though this brush was designed initially for teething infants, it has made its way into therapeutic settings as an invaluable tool for sensory exploration. The nubby surface can hold tastes of liquid, purees or crumbs while it is used with supervision as a “spoon” for initial feedings.

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