Arm Weight


The Arm Weight is a weighted tubular sleeve that distributes weight evenly around the full length of the forearm, which allows for maximum flexibility and mobility.




    It is constructed of durable, latex free stretch cotton Lycra, lead free steel shot, and uses heavy duty stitching for added strength.

    Hand washing and air-drying is recommended.

    It is available in navy blue, and is sold individually.

    Size is determined by the circumference of the fullest part of the forearm.

    5 different sizes are available to accommodate most arm sizes from small children to adults.


    • Provides Proprioceptive Input
    • Help Increase Kinesthetic Awareness
    • Can Be Used For Strengthening Activities
    • Can Be Beneficial For Tremoring
    • Beneficial for Physical Therapy and Rehab Applications


    Arm Weights are sold individually


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    Extra-Small, Small, Medium, Large, Extra-Large

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