Aeroplane Activity Wall Panels

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This set comprises of 10 textured circular disks made from ultra-soft flexible silicone – 5 large and 5 small.

On the surface of each circle is a pattern which is distinctive and different from the rest of the set.

Children can feel these textures and discover their differences.

Placing the small circles into the feely bag provided they can see if they can describe or predict the pattern they are feeling.

Using their feet they can walk over the large sensory circles to see if they can tell them apart.

Linking the small and the large sensory circles via touch is great fun too with or without a blindfold.

Silicone has some great properties which makes it the ideal material for sensory circles – it is strong, safe to handle and ultra-soft to the touch.

On the floor, the circles will grip and not slip even on a shiny surface and after use they can be washed by hand or popped into a dishwasher set on a high temperature to clean them thoroughly without harm.

Size: Dia.350mm & 80mm.

Suitable for children from 3+


Activity wall made in five pieces, each with a different set of manipulative activities to encourage hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills including:

  • a clock with moving hands
  • wire bead maze
  • magnetic pens
  • shape maze
  • interlocking gears.


The aeroplane comes fully assembled with fixing holes and attachment screws for easy fitting to a wall.


Supports the following areas of learning:

  • Physical Development – motor skills & hand-eye coordination
  • Personal Development – collaborative play
  • Communication & Language – descriptive language and reasoning
  • Expressive Arts & Design – imaginative play
  • Maths – time, shape & space


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Size: 1800 x 600 x 50mm.

Age: Suitable from 12 months.

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