Our little girl is thriving, soaring to new levels and I do not know how to thank you

“Just had to drop you a line………still in a state of shock – Hippotherapy went 3D!

Today Natalia had a sensory integration trail, hippotherapy and motor function all incorporated in 1 session…..

I was left speechless at the level of engagement, participation and cognitive flow from one task to another, coupled with having the helpers join in the sophisticated maneuver of social skills and surge in emotional behaviour.

It was orchestrated magnificently that was flowing, fluid, subtle and an utter joy to behold.

Our little girl is thriving, soaring to new levels and I do not know how to thank you……

I have never met a more dedicated, proficient and execution of core objectives so seamlessly in her occupational therapy sessions.

Natalia (occupational therapist) is breathtaking…….

Our little girl will be going to secondary school, she will go to college!

As parents we have been given permission to dream………….we are reaching the unobtainable that is most desirable, our little girl has shown us her world and sensational kids are showing how the world works.

For the first time in 4 years I sleep soundly, Sensational Kids are our “soft-place to land” whenever we have had a problem there was always a bending ear and helping hand.

I had a little girl that could not talk until she was nearly 4, never made eye-contact, never did cooperative play and all this is just the tip of the iceberg.

It was so much: regulation for shared attention, engagement in functional tasks, cognitive function, planning and sequencing, motor function the sequence of body movement with full strength and full bilateral coordination with mid-line……….and the best of all……………………..it was fun, just amazing.

If you blinked you’d miss it!

Natalia is sublime, she and the volunteers are just amazing the unity, respect and devotion, it was an aha moment……… “

Liz (parent)