Hippotherapy is utterly amazing!

“Hippotherapy is utterly amazing, transforming and an untapped resource that these special children deserve……….crave and need very much”


Here at Sensational Kids, some of our specially trained occupational therapists have been incorporating hippotherapy into their occupational therapy sessions with incredible feedback:



Our little girl is thriving due to the extra dimension that Sensational Kids have introduced for children with special needs. Our little girl has developed a rapport with a horse that delights her while she is doing occupational therapy. Her confidence, and her attention span in school is soaring, now she is doing things that she would never do.

The relationship that she has developed with the horse, her Occupational Therapist has reached stratospheric heights and added a new dimension to untapped potential.

I can only thank Sensational Kids from the bottom of my heart. I feel very positive and happy about her future. I know there are endless possibilities.

Our little girl is reading, writing and doing math, she is intrinsically happy and knows if she works hard that her friend “Fabia” (her horse) and her get a play date that every week is a rigorous physical and occupational therapy session veiled in fun, craic and joy. The key is that it is intrinsically motivating her to soar new heights………..

Hippotherapy is utterly amazing, transforming and an untapped resource that these special children deserve……….crave and need very much.

Thank you so much Sensational Kids.

E. Conway

Although my son, almost 5, was excited to try hippotherapy I know he is often nervous in new situations and I was unsure how he would react with the horse. I didn’t have to worry, as Natalia explained everything to him in a child centred and calm way. Along with the relaxed but confident manner of horse handlers, and of course Beppe the lovely horse himself, my son was calm and relaxed straight away.

I think the organised structure to the session really helped him respond well to the session and get the most from it. Natalia had many tasks prepared, working on different areas including both fine and gross motor skills which my son really enjoyed and I could see him trying new things without even realising it.

He really felt he had accomplished something and was delighted to be a little cowboy! We look forward to building on this in the next session


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