Results of Dental Survey 2021 – 88% of Parents Say Toothbrushing is a Stressful Event


Sensational Kids, Ireland’s leading non-profit organisation catering for children of all abilities through therapy supports and learning resources has surveyed over 600 parents to learn more about their family’s dental habits. The results speak for themselves with 88% of parents stating that toothbrushing is a cause of stress for their family. The taste and smell of toothpaste was identified by many as an issue as well as the length of time that children spend brushing their teeth.


For children who struggle with the flavour of toothpaste, Oranurse Unflavoured Toothpaste, which retails at €6 and is available from or instore at Sensational Kids Kildare, Clonakilty or Claremorris, has proved helpful. In addition to being unflavoured, it is also non-foaming which is another potential issue for some children. This toothpaste has really helped decrease stressful toothbrushing moments across Ireland and unlike some unflavoured or non-mint toothpastes it still has a fluoride content of 1450ppm making it suitable right up to adulthood.


Another alarming statistic from the dental survey is that 78% of respondents said that their children do not spend enough time brushing their teeth. For children who rush to brush their teeth, Dr Barman’s three-sided toothbrush may be the answer. This revolutionary toothbrush brushes the sides and top of the teeth in one fluid motion and has been proven to remove 27% more plaque than a regular toothbrush. The Dr Barman’s toothbrush comes in three sizes for children aged 0-6, children aged 6- 12 and for over 12’s up to adult size.  Each toothbrush retails at €4 and can be ordered from or purchased instore at Sensational Kids in Kildare, Claremorris or Clonakilty.


Speaking of the dental survey results, Marie Brennan from Senational Kids commented, “we regularly hear that toothbrushing is an issue for families (as it is for my own kids) and we wanted to explore the issues further and see where Sensational Kids might be able to help. The flavour and texture of toothpaste came up repeatedly in the survey results so we are delighted to stock Oranurse Unflavoured Toothpaste which can be a game changer for some families who have been struggling with toothbrushing for years. We also were not surprised to hear children often struggle to spend enough time brushing their teeth and again we have found that Dr Barman’s three-sided toothbrushes can really help with this issue.”


To purchase these items and more, please visit Remember all profits from our Play, Develop & Learn store are reinvested to help offer subsidised therapy supports to children of all abilities. Since its formation in 2007, Sensational Kids has provided therapy supports to over 8,500 children and saved their families more than €2million in therapy fees.