COVID-19 Update: Re-Opening Plan

Like you, we have been watching the progress of COVID-19 and the government’s response very closely. The processes and procedures we need to adopt are reasonably significant to plan and implement before opening.

Over the past number of weeks our team have been working closely with a Health & Safety Consultant as well as our Clinical Governance Team to ensure that both our employees and families can safely avail of our vital frontline therapeutic supports in person again.

We plan to gradually reopen our services from Wednesday 17th June 2020 whilst moving to a blended model of care which will incorporate both telehealth and in-person services.

At least 2 employees from each of our four child development centres have been trained as “Covid-19 Officers” by our Health & Safety Consultants, to ensure compliance and implementation of our Covid-19 policies in the workplace.

A return to in-person supports may look and likely feel different, at least initially, as we all adapt to our new normal. There are new screens at reception at check-in. We have made every effort to maintain the welcoming and child friendly atmosphere of our services. We understand that that a fun environment supports your child and adolescent to learn and develop new skills. We have balanced these needs with the additional health & safety policies required to manage Covid-19.

We will continue to monitor government guidelines and our Covid-19 policies closely. We will update our policies on an ongoing basis in line with the latest public health advice and research.

Thank you everyone, we look forward to seeing you all again! Please do not hesitate to Contact Us if you have any questions or concerns!

Karen Leigh
CEO & Founder
Sensational Kids


Please read and note the following important procedures that will be in place at Sensational Kids from June 2020



  • We have had to re-build our schedules to allow for extra time between each therapy session to allow for cleaning and disinfection. This means your appointment times are likely to be different than before.
  • If you are not ready to return to in-person sessions with your therapist, just let us know. You can also consider support for your child from your therapist by secure video telehealth sessions or for parent support and mentoring via video telehealth sessions.
  • All parent consultation appointments will be delivered via video call or phone (telehealth)


Pre-Appointment screening

  • We are required to screen all individuals before every visit to the clinic by asking several key questions related to possible COVID-19 exposure and current health status. In short, if you or your child are feeling at all ill, please cancel your appointment.
  • You will be required to complete and sign our Covid-19 screening questionnaire before each therapy appointment can take place.


Changes to Payment Policy and Procedures

  • To decrease contact and touch points, all therapy sessions must be paid in full by credit/debit card over the phone or via our online booking facility at the time of booking.
  • Receipts will be issued by email.


Arriving and Leaving for your Appointment

  • We ask that only ONE parent/guardian/caregiver attend your child’s therapy session. Please plan ahead to arrange for alternate care for siblings unless siblings/twins are also attending for therapy at the same time.
  • We ask parents/guardians/caregivers to practice hand hygiene on entry to the clinic and practice physical distancing during the therapy session.
  • Please do not bring in or wear gloves as they can bring infection from outside into our premises
  • Child size hand sanitising stations are available at reception.

Personal Protective Equipment and Hygiene

  1. There will be a focus on hand hygiene before, during, and after sessions. As a matter of routine, we will all wash/sanitise hands at the start and end of every session.
  2. The Therapist: Your therapist will wear a Clear Face Shield during therapy sessions. We recognise the importance of the relationship between the child and the therapist. Seeing facial expressions is an important part of their relationship. Clear face shields cover the eyes, nose and mouth, thereby offering more cover than face masks which only cover the mouth and nose. Our face shields are child friendly with a colourful rainbow picture on the front.
  3. Children: The current government guidance states that children do not have to wear face masks. If your child feels more comfortable wearing a mask or a clear face shield (their own or one we provide), or if they would like to be the same as their therapist and wear a Sensational Kids rainbow clear face shield,  they are encouraged to do so. However, we realise many children will not feel comfortable wearing one. That is OK.
  4. Parents and Caregivers are strongly encouraged to wear a mask or face shield while attending the clinic. You can bring your own or they are available to purchase from our reception if you do not have one.
  5. Disposable face masks and our clear reusable face shields will be available to purchase when booking your appointment and can be collected on arrival for your appointment. Please let us know when booking if you wish to purchase a face mask or clear face shield in advance to ensure we have them available.
  • If you or your child wishes to purchase a Face Shield or disposable face mask in advance of your therapy appointment so that you can practice wearing them at home first if, you can purchase them from our online store or instore from reception
    PPE Prices:

    • Single Use Disposable Face Mask €2
    • Reusable Clear Face Shield the same as your therapist will wear €10


Social Distancing Practices

Parents: Whilst attending services at Sensational Kids, parents will be required to social distance from all staff, including the therapist and other service users during your appointment.

Child/Service User: As healthcare is an essential service, the therapist may provide direct contact with your child during the therapy session and may be within closer proximity than social distancing requires. This is an essential component for the delivery of effective therapeutic supports for your child.  For this reason, our therapists will be wearing PPE (face shield), practice good respiratory etiquette and will wash or sanitise hands before and after every therapy session.


Therapy Equipment

  • There may be some restriction in terms of what equipment we will be able to use. For example the balls have been removed from the ball pools as it is not possible to sanitise the ball pool between therapy sessions.


Continuation of Telehealth Sessions

  • Even though our clinic will physically re-open, Telehealth services will remain a permanent option to you. You can feel free to continue to book video sessions if that is your preference. Your therapist can also discuss moving to a hybrid or blended model of care where some sessions are in-person and some are virtual.

We look forward to welcoming you back safely!