Benefits of Using Putty Peep Junior UV

I love using the Putty Peeps UV in my occupational therapy sessions. It provides tactile input for children who see this and can help to regulate them with resistance as they are moulding the putty to turn it into a person. The set comes with eyes but you can add more pieces like legs and arms and encourage the child to use their imagination.

The UV light is great for improving Fine motor strength and endurance and the child uses a pincer grip to push down the button and needs to hold this to keep the light on.

I also use this to help with handwriting in sessions. We flatten out the putty, which is fine motor work, and then we draw letters or numbers in the putty with the light. You need to manipulate the putty again to get it back to white. This gives a break from too much writing and keeps the child engaged.


Written by

Amanda Kelly, Senior Occupational Therapist at Sensational Kids

Where Can I Buy Putty Peeps Junior UV?

Putty Peeps Junior UV is avaialble from Sensational Kids Child Development & Learning Store


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