Aisling’s Story

“Our little Girl is living a full and happy life now”

Aisling received her autism spectrum disorder report at the age of four. She only had 3 or 4 words, no grammar structure and was unable to construct a sentence. She had no reciprocal speech, poor intonation, and her speech patterns were distorted. Aisling could not talk, gave no eye contact and could not communicate properly. Her mom remembers “As I drove her in our car, I would adjust my rear view mirror so she could not see the tears streaming down my face. Heartbroken does not come close to describing those difficult years”.

Since then, Aisling has become a regular visitor to Sensational Kids and the team love working with her! She has gone to speech therapy, occupational therapy and hippotherapy. Aisling’s mom has a lot to say on the difference working with our therapists has made: “Our little girl is reading, writing, she has formed relationships with school friends and is loving life. She does not only speak now, but does monologues on why icecream is very important to her! Her personality has been unleashed. She is a bouncy, energetic 6 year old that is happy, confident and connected with her world. Aisling is living a full and happy life – because of Sensational Kids.”

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