Wise Owl Teaching Bank


Spend, save, and share with the smartest owl around!

Early money management skills take on a fun interactive element thanks to the Wise Owl Teaching Bank.

This cute tabletop bank introduces concepts including budgeting, goal-setting, and charitable giving with the help of an included kids money guide and three removable compartments labeled ‘Spend,’ ‘Save,’ and ‘Share.’ The compartments’ clear plastic construction makes it easy to keep track of progress towards savings goals, identify when one area is out of balance with the others, or remove ‘Spend’ or ‘Share’ money once kids meet their goals.


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The Wise Owl Teaching Bank also includes a randomizer option: drop a coin down the bank’s top slot and let the owl decide whether it goes in ‘Spend,’ ‘Save,’ or ‘Share’! When it’s not teaching valuable money skills, the Wise Owl Teaching Bank also makes an adorable decor item in kids’ bedrooms or playrooms.


Introduces early money management skills including budgeting, charitable giving, and saving towards a spending goal.

  • Three clear compartments marked ‘spend,’ save,’ and ‘share’ help kids keep track of their money.
  • Randomizer slot adds an element of chance-drop in a coin and let the wise owl decide!

Included kids money guide reinforces early money skills.

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