What to Do When the News Scares You


 A Kid’s Guide to Understanding Current Events

This latest installment in the bestselling What-to-Do Guides for Kids Series tackles children’s feelings of anxiety around current events locally and around the world and what is portrayed in the news. Scary news is an inevitable part of life. This book can support and guide efforts to help scary news seem a bit more manageable for young people.

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Whether from television news reports, the car radio, digital media or adult discussions, children are often bombarded with information about the world around them. When the events being described include violence, extreme weather events, a disease outbreak or discussions of more dispersed threats such as climate change, children may become frightened and overwhelmed. Parents and caregivers can be prepared to help them understand and process the messages around them by using this book.

What to Do When the News Scares You provides a way to help children put local and global scary events in the news into perspective. If children start to worry or become anxious about things they’ve heard, there are ideas and activities in this book to help them to calm down and cope. This book also helps children identify reporters’ efforts to add excitement to the story which may also make threats seem more imminent, universal, and extreme.

Read and complete the activities in What to Do When the News Scares You with your child to help them to understand the news in context – who, what, where, when and how – as a means of introducing a sense of perspective.


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