Weighted Tickley Tactile Octopus


Adorable, extra texture weighted octopus with 8 irresistible touchy feely tentacles, including furry minkee, colorful sequins, “scratchy” terry cloth, silky soft satin, and more.

Each tentacle contains an enclosed fidget marble that fidgeters can manipulate back ‘n forth and thru the tentacle (providing a fun and very tactile way to develop finger dexterity).

This multisensory pet makes a cuddly self-regulation toy.


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The many textures and gentle weighted input (approximately 1 lb.) tends to be calming and soothing for many children who have anxiety, tactile or sensory defensiveness, or autism.

Also makes a great choice for sensory seekers and adults with memory issues who need to keep their fidgety fingers busy.

Ideal for car rides, calming corners, and winding down before bedtime.

Machine wash (cold on delicate); tumble dry on low.

Ages 4+.

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