Tricky Fingers


Tricky Fingers is one of our favourite games as it’s fun and it can help your child to develop so many skills.

It’s a fast-flying, finger-flicking challenge for one or more. Your child will engage in pattern recognition, puzzle resolution and hand-eye dexterity. Shake up the case, pick a card and race a friend or the clock. Flip the 14 cards over and create your own patterns. 2 puzzle boxes included.

Play against a friend or on your own!

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A great game to develop colour matching and finger dexterity.

Non-removable marbles are manipulated through the holes in the bottom.

Use one of the 14 pattern cards or colour up to 14 of your own patterns on each card’s black and white patterned back.

Each pattern card is double sided and features blank outlines so you can design and colour in your own patterns!

A fun challenge!

 3+ years


  • 2 Game boxes
  • 14 Pattern cards


Occupational Therapists at Sensational Kids love the therapeutic value of this game because the Tricky Fingers game provides opportunities to work on:


  • Bilateral Hand Function
  • Isolated Finger Movement
  • Visual Spatial Relationships
  • Motor Planning
  • Visual Motor Integration
  • Copying Skills
  • Colour Recognition
  • Timing
  • Task Organisation
  • Frustration Tolerance
  • Wrist Stability
  • Graded Movement

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