Time Tracker Visual Timer and Clock


Reinforces time management skills and easier transitions, set the amount of time for each section and the lights will visually track the passing of time.



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Unique timer’s light and sound cues help to keep your whole class on track.

Features 180° viewing and a large, easy to read LCD display.

Allows quick programming of 3 coloured lights (red, yellow and green) that alert children to time remaining.

Can be customised to suit your needs.

It’s an easy to understand way to plan the use of time.

Watch the video here

Measures  8” x 4”

Requires AC adaptor or 4 AA batteries, not included

Learning Style: Auditory, Visual

Skill Development:

  • Self-Help- Students can make independent decisions on how to spend the allotted time with visual assistance and reinforcement.
  • Time Management- The lights correspond with time remaining- green then yellow and ending on red to encourage and improve time management skills and ease transitions from activity to the next.
  • Math- Timer provides students with beginning math skills like order and prediction. Students can utilize the digital clock to reinforce numbers and calculate elapsed time.

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