The Go Yogi! Card Set


50 cards for everyday Yoga poses, for calm, happy, healthy kids

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Learn which way to bend your legs to sit like a lotus, how to balance in boat pose, and spread your arms wide to stand like a warrior!

Children aged 4+ can use these fun flash cards to learn how to do 50 common yoga poses, either alone, in pairs or in groups.

Each card shows exactly where each body part needs to go to feel the full benefits of each pose, to improve strength and flexibility, concentration, and achieve greater well-being.

The cards are colour-coded based on the emotional and physical benefits of the pose, and include the traditional Sanskrit name as well as the English translation.

They are perfect for use at school or home and are the ideal way to introduce yoga to young children.

The card set also includes a booklet with instructions for use and ideas for adapting poses and using the cards as part of interactive storytelling.

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