Talkabout Books – Set Of 3


Talkabout for Children: Developing Self-Awareness and Self-Esteem is a bestselling professional workbook supporting educators and therapists who deliver social and relationship skills groups for children with social, emotional or behavioural difficulties.


Self-awareness and self-esteem is an essential prerequisite to developing social skills and so this book is an excellent first step to any social skills programme. This resources creates the foundation of the Talkabout heirachy, where self-awareness comes before non-verbal skills and non-verbal comes before verbal, with assertiveness coming last.

  • Book 1: Talkabout for Children – Developing Self Awareness & Self Esteem.
  • Book 2: Talkabout for Children – Developing Social Skills.
  • Book 3: Talkabout for Children – Developing Friendship Skills

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