Stretchy Resistance Band Loop


Check out these continuous, one-piece stretchy band loops that never need knotting!



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A great sensory diet product for all kinds of strengthening exercises and providing proprioceptive sensory input.

You can “string” these stretchy bands around desk or chair legs to keep fidgeting feet busy!

Kids have fun and stay more focused as they push, pull, or kick these stretchy foot fidgets with their feet.

These one-piece quiet foot fidgets for your feet are great for classrooms, home, or as an office fidget toy.

You’ll love these popular focus tools that are designed for both children and adults!


Therapist Tip from Our Experts

In order to stay alert and engaged in classroom activities, many children need to move a little when they are required to sit still for extended periods of time. This movement can help them to stay focussed. Wrapped around the front legs of the child’s chair, the theraband provides an opportunity for resisted movement as the child places their feet behind/ between the bands and moves them against the resistance of the band. This offers an opportunity for the child to move in a subtle, contained and acceptable manner whilst seated and thus not need to get up and move around disrupting their own work cycle as well as their peers. The quality of the movement, being repetitive and resisted also helps the child to maintain a calm-alert or regulated state.


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