Scentos Painting Set


The Scentos Scented Painting Set is a delightful assortment of scented paints designed to infuse your artistic endeavors with a burst of aroma.

This set features a range of vibrant and scented paints, providing an opportunity to explore your creativity while enjoying the pleasant and fruity scents that accompany each brushstroke.

Elevate your painting experience with this sensory and aromatic collection.

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Scentos combines fun coloring activities, awesome scents, and quirky characters.

Set includes (28 Pieces):

  • 6 Scented Acrylic Paint Bottles
  • 1 Paint Palette
  • 6 Paint Pots
  • 1 Water Pot
  • 3 Brushes
  • 10 Sheets of Paper
  • 1 Messy Mat



Age recommended 3+

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