Sand Tray Therapy Kit


Designed for function and durability in a therapy or home setting, this stylish sand tray has the perfect dimensions for engaging a child’s mind and allowing them to freely express themselves in the ample space provided.


Sand tray therapy may sound like simple play, but it’s actually a powerful therapeutic technique. Are there certain objects that immediately give you a positive or negative feeling?

This is the idea behind sand tray therapy.

This unique approach — part play therapy, part art therapy — helps evoke both conscious and unconscious memories through tactile play.

Sand tray therapy is most commonly used with children and autistic individuals.

It can also help adolescents and adults, particularly those who’ve experienced trauma or a bereavement.


Set :

  • 1 x Tray
  • 1 x  Bag of Sand
  • 1 x Animals Tub (36 pcs)

Frame made of lacquered beech wood, base made of 3 mm strong MDF.

Includes a tool for smoothing the sand.

Material: beech wood, medium density fibreboard, plastic
Measurements: 69 x 56 x 4 cm, stackable

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