Look inside of Our World Kit


A colourful and fun introduction to geography.


  • Book

Take a trip around the world in this fascinating lift-the-flap book.

With over 80 flaps to lift, intrepid explorers can discover our world, from the layers that make up planet Earth to the tiniest insects in the rainforest and the creatures who live at the very bottom of the sea.

Includes pages about the hottest and coldest parts of the world, and a map with lift-the-flap details about each continent.

A colourful and fun introduction to geography with internet links to find out more.

  • Board Game

Race around the world with this exciting family game: compete to be the first player to reach your destinations and collect the most Destination Cards!

This geographical board game will keep you on your toes as you pick up Arrival or Journey Cards designed to help or cruelly hinder your travel!.

Plus, with every Destination Card you can learn fascinating and useful facts about countries, cultures and continents as you play.

The sturdy fold-out game board and the beautiful solid box packaging will ensure that this game can remain a family favourite for years.

  • Earth LED Light

Perfect for any budding astronomer, gaze at this magnificent replica of planet earth as it glows and makes the perfect night light or desk lamp!

This awesome Earth-themed light features the continents that are faithfully replicated and an ocean that lights up and adds a comforting glow of colour to any room – bringing a calm and relaxing atmosphere to your home.

With two display modes, Neutral White light, and Blue Light, the wireless lamp contains a lithium battery that can be easily recharged via the included USB cable.

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Look Inside Our World Book, Earth LED Light + Book, Earth LED Light + Book + Discover the World Board Game

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