Jumbo Magnetic Dots Art Pad


Dive into a world of color with our diverse range of magnetic dots!

The Magnetic Dot Art Pad isn’t just a canvas for creativity; it’s a tool for developing crucial hand-eye coordination!

The magnetic pen facilitates the movement of colored tiles from the edge to the desired hole, offering an engaging exercise that enhances your child’s coordination skills seamlessly. As they engage in this tactile activity, they’re not just creating art – they’re also building essential skills for a bright future!

Fuel your child’s concentration as they embark on the journey of replicating intricate motifs from our 10 double-sided template cards. Each card presents a unique challenge, requiring focused attention to detail. Watch as their concentration deepens, laying the foundation for sharper cognitive skills.

Also, great for Maths skills. Children will enjoy the challenge of accurately counting rows and columns.

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Explore the collection of 10 double-sided cards, featuring a total of 20 captivating motifs for an engaging and educational experience.

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