Jigsaw – My home – Pets


The puzzle set consists of 10 separate puzzles, each of the puzzle has 2 pieces.

Every duo puzzle shows animals and their homes. For example – monkeys, penguins, worms, fish, cats, dogs, bees, birds, octopuses, frogs.

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Game’s task:

Use logic to assemble the duo puzzle correctly and find the right puzzle pair!

During the game, your child will learn different animals and their homes.

The main task is not to put together the puzzle (as they could be put together “in the wrong way” as well), but making you child’s learning fun and easy!


This puzzle develops:

  • motor skills of hands and fingers
  • movements coordination and usage of both hands at the same time
  • ability to achive goals
  • creativity and imagination
  • memory and attentiveness
  • spatial thinking and logic
  • speaking and communication skills
  • perseverance and many other useful skills

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