Groovy and Textured Chewy Combo Pack


A tool designed for sensory exercise within oral cavity and self-regulation.

Your child will love its bumps and textures.

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  • Orange: with a lumpy and dotted texture;
  • Blue: with “thick” stripes on one side and “thin” stripes on the other;

A fantastic tool that perfectly aligns with various therapeutic approaches, especially when it comes to introducing different textures into the diet.

The Groovy Chewy is specially designed to be used as a sensory warm-up before offering foods with similar textures.

It can also be a valuable addition to pre-feeding exercises, particularly for sensory seekers who have difficulty accepting diverse textures orally. Additionally, this tool can be helpful in overcoming food aversions and problems with sensory integration.


For children who need more oral stimulation than parents can provide daily, the Groovy Chewy is a great option for self-stimulation. They can explore their oral sensory needs at their own pace and in a safe manner. The texture of the Groovy Chewy is designed to offer a variety of sensory experiences, making it an excellent choice for children and adults with various therapeutic needs.

Maintenance is also a breeze. You can easily clean the Groovy Chewy with mild soap and water between uses.

Please note, it is essential to have the supervision of a therapist or adult when using this product to ensure safety.

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