Finger Focus Highlighter


Use these colour overlay for kids reading windows to help emerging readers track text as they learn to read.

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The 4 windows (1 clear and 3 tinted) are crystal clear for clarity and made from high-quality material to ensure they stay flat as children read.

Young readers will love using the bookworm or caterpillar ring to help them track along and focus on a line of text or an image.

These hands-on reading guides help young readers track text as they learn to read.

  • Insert one of the reading wands into the bookworm or caterpillar ring. Children then place a ring on their index finger, and track along with text as they read.
  • The rings are made from flexible, rubberised plastic and are adjustable and comfortable to wear.
  • The set’s 4 reading windows are made from durable, high-quality materials, and are crystal clear for clarity.
  • The 3 tinted colour overlay for kids reading wands can be used to help children with visual stress and dyslexia.

Set includes:

  • 2x Follow-Along Friends (bookworm and caterpillar)
  • 4x interchangeable highlighter wands (blue, pink, yellow, and clear)
  • 1x drawstring storage bag

Recommended For ages: 3 – 7 years

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