Emotional Faces Ball (6 pce set)


The facial expressions on these blow-up balls depict a range of emotions including happy, sad, angry, excited, scared, and amazed.

They can be a great way to help children work on their social and emotional skills!

Additionally, they can help develop empathy skills and provide an outlet for children to express their emotions.


Each set of these colored balls represent 6 different emotions of human’s lives.

Funny to use, especially for younger children.

Also ideal to use with our  parachute.

Speech and Language Therapist at Sensational Kids review:

Emotion Balls can be a fun and imaginative way to address feelings in school and at home.

Some ideas for school and home:

  • Consider the emotion on the ball and discuss a situation where you felt like that and why you felt that way.
  • Incorporate into story time to discuss emotions and feelings of characters or events depicted in the story.
  • Incorporate into activities and games at school to discuss emotions around teamwork, winning, losing, etc.
  • Help children release their emotions – discuss emotions such as anger, worry or sadness and what has made you feel this way and then throw the ball away from you to help release these feelings.
  • Practice imitating or mimicking the expression on the ball.
  • Can be used for play activities to also help with gross motor skills as well while identifying emotions.”


These balls come packed flat & need to be inflated using a pump with a needle attachment.

Suitable for age 3+

  • Regular: 10 Cm
  • Large: 18 Cm

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Regular, Large

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