Egg Pencil Grip


This grip is an excellent tool for aiding early learners and individuals, both children and adults, with special needs in developing pre-writing and early writing skills.

It is especially effective in enhancing tripod grasp.

Not only does the Egg Pencil Grip contribute to the development of small hand muscles, but it also serves a sensory purpose, offering a soft foam texture and a distinctive shape.

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The Egg grip can also be used as an adapted grip for students dealing with more severe motor impairments, providing a chance to enhance intrinsic hand muscles by squeezing and releasing the egg shape.

Here’s how to use the Egg Pencil Grip:

Simply slide the egg pencil grip over a crayon, pen, pencil, or marker.

Keep the grip towards the bottom of the writing instrument, allowing the wrist to rest on the table and encouraging the proper tripod grasp.


It’s important to note that this product is made of foam rubber material and contains Latex.

Cleaning is simple with a surface wipe using a damp cloth.


Please be aware that pencils are not included.

Suitable for ages 3 years and above.

Always use with adult supervision, especially if there is a risk that the child may bite the material.

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