Dr Barman Toothbrush




Prize-winning 3 headed Toothbrush Dr. Barman’s Superbrush

  • cleans all three surfaces of the teeth simultaneously
  • inside of the teeth is cleaned as thoroughly as the outside
  • directs itself along the teeth as the brush hugs the teeth
  • spreads the fluoride in the toothpaste evenly to all surfaces
  • cleans thoroughly along the gum line as the bristles are precisely angles
  • cleans significantly more in 1 minute than a conventional brush
  • easy to use and proved to be very effective

How to use Dr. Barman’s Superbrush?

  • by using short, gentle “scrubbing” strokes, all teeth are thoroughly cleaned
  • tilting the brush slightly gives optimal plaque removal along the gum line
  • use a light grip on the handle

It is specifically the gum line that requires careful attention to prevent a build up of harmful plaque. The variable brush lengths mean that the bristles are softest where they make contact with the gums and firmer toward the center of the brush for cleaning the enamel.

The importance of fluoride in the prevention of tooth decay is acknowledged and Dr. Barman’s Superbrush plays a significant part by evenly distributing the fluoride in toothpaste to include such high risk areas as the molars, fissures, contact points, gum line, etc.

Comparative clinical trials have shown excellent results for Dr. Barman’s Superbrush

  • removes 27% more plaque
  • more contact with the surfaces of the teeth
  • healthier gums (reduced bleeding)
  • easier to maser the brushing technique

Large scale surveys and projects have shown that

  • the brushing of teeth is significantly simplified
  • enthusiasm is increased

Dr Barman’s toothbrush sizes

  • Child: 0 – 6 years
  • Compact: 6 – 12 years
  • Regular: 12 years+


Additional information

Weight 0.3000 lbs
Dimensions 0.0000 cm

Child 0-6 years, Compact 6-12 years, Regular 12+ years


For Boy, For Girl

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