Crackle Baff – Foil Bag


Introducing Crackle Baff Colours, the ultimate sensory bath time experience for kids!

Transforming an ordinary bath into a vibrant and crackling wonderland, this innovative product is designed to add fun, excitement, and a splash of color to your little one’s bath routine.

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Make your bath water crackle, pop and change colour with crackle baff colours, an exciting sensory toy for bathing fun. Crackle Baff Colours is a unique bath powder that, when added to water, creates a magical transformation.

As soon as the powder hits the water, it begins to crackle and pop, releasing a mesmerizing sound that will captivate your child’s imagination.

The crackling effect not only adds an extra layer of sensory stimulation but also makes bath time a thrilling adventure.

To enjoy the crackle baff colors, all we need to is to simply break up the crystals in the packet, open and sprinkle into the bath water to see the affects and enjoy. Once finished just pull the plug and let the crackle baff colours wash down the drain.

The crackle baff colours are 100% biodegradable, environmentally safe and kind on skin.

Crackle baff colours provide a fantastic tactile, visual and auditory experience.

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Pack of 6, Foil Bag

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